Productivity tips to increase efficiency

We’d all like to work more efficiently. ? However, how can we increase productivity so that we may live better, healthier, more productive lives?

Create a routine that works for you

We want to establish a schedule that works, but we don’t always stick to it. And that is exactly what the majority of us do. I’ll go over the common mistakes we make and how to develop a routine that works for you. I’ll also discuss why scheduled routines fail, as well as how to track your most productive hour and prepare ahead of time.

Eliminate distraction and increase productivity

With all the gadgets around and app notifications every second, it is hard to focus on things that we want to complete these days. In this video, I will explain what are the mistakes that we do and how you can create a routine that works for you. Also, I will be explaining why the planned routines fail, and how to track your most productive hour and plan a day before.

Once you identify this, how it has to be implemented, and how you can measure your weekly activity. Based on the measured value what steps do you need to take to increase productivity? In agile terms, we have something called stories which means the smallest unit of work. So, how can you divide a monolith task into smaller chunks and achieve excellent results in a simple and easy way? Watch the below video till the end to know more.

This video is about how to eliminate distractions while working, more of my own personal goals in order to complete whatever is planned, and never complain about the exhaustive list of To-Do items. How we waste time, make a note of it for a week and replace these tasks where you waste time.

Simple Habits to increase productivity

It’s critical to comprehend the distinction between systems and goals, as well as why the former is more significant. We may achieve our goals, no matter how great or little, by making minor habits a part of our personality. In the video below, I’ll share some of the easy habits that I use to be incredibly productive on a daily basis, as well as how to live life purposefully in order to accomplish things and stay more organized.

Here are some of the books that I have completed reading. Even if you can digest and implement what you read is a win. I even listen to audiobooks using apps like Storytel or Amazon Audible. I usually listen to audiobooks when I go for a walk or while doing exercise or other household activities.

If you are wondering what book to start with then I would recommend starting with ‘Atomic Habits‘ listed below, totally worth reading. Something that you can make a note of and implement. I make sure to read at least two books a month along with all the photography, travel, and outdoor activities that I do. And doing all these is definitely not easy without managing time and this is where the book ‘Make Time‘ helped me a lot in increasing the productivity with the little time that we have.

Finally, a few easy, simple, and free-to-use apps like Google calendar and Microsoft To-Do list are something that I use even for my day-to-day tasks and not just my regular office work. If you are working on your hobbies and want to generate passive income out of what you love doing, take it seriously. Consider your offline hours as office work and inform the same to your family members too. Make sure to stick to the routine of productivity in whatever you do, consistency is the key to success. Remember that!