Terms and Conditions

Read the below Terms and Conditions carefully before downloading images.

  • All sales are final. All payments need to made 100% in advance including shipping.
  • You may pay using your Paypal account or any cards as mentioned in the payment gateway.
  • As of now all the images are available only in Digital download format. Framed/Hard copy may be available if the shipment address is within India with few additional charges. If needed, request using ‘Contact’ Form available.
  • Digital Products once sold/used cannot be replaced / returned.
  • There will not be any kind of watermark or any border in the image that is available for sale.
  • The images that are downloaded should not be duplicated or made available for resale.
  • Downloaded images from www.ravindrajoisa.com or from Ravindra Joisa’s social profile should not be used in competition, if used should point to this website or Ravindra Joisa with the permission to use.
  • Images present with my watermark may be used for publication offline and may be used in websites with a backlink to www.ravindrajoisa.com and publishers should not use rel=”nofollow”. Both online/offline/print-media, will need Ravindra Joisa’s permission before publishing.
  • For any issues or concerns you may use the contact form.
  • Terms and conditions may be updated without any prior notice.

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