Hey Friends – I’m Ravindra Joisa

I am an IT Engineer, YouTuber, and photographer. I am a resident of Mangalore, in India, and have spent my childhood days, not surprisingly, as a typical Western Ghats (Rainforest, Southwest India) outdoor adventure lover. Along with my full-time IT job, I have mixed my love of photography with my enthusiasm for travel and adventure.

I have undertaken a variety of journeys that have led him to the far reaches of India and the Himalayas. I am currently working on my YouTube channel, where you will find videos on travel photography, editing, and my productive habits and implementation. I am currently juggling between my IT job, my passion for YouTube, and my family.


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Productivity tips on how to implement effectively and make time for what matters and have fun along the way.


Award-winning photo stories and how to replicate that. Photography tips and tricks, photo editing.


All my adventures mainly hiking and travel stories. Useful tips are based on my experience in the last 14 years.

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