Courses that are truly beneficial

You can find 99% of my stuff on the internet for free in various forms. But for a more structured, detailed approach, you might like to check out my online courses. No major pre-requisite to learning these courses other than 15 minutes of your time that you spend watching Tiktok videos. ?

Courses by Ravindra Joisa

Lightroom Course

Lightroom Course for picture editing. The version number changes over time, and with the new creative cloud, new features are released on a regular basis. However, the majority of the basics remain unchanged. Here is a playlist of short video tutorials that I’ve put together to help you quickly learn and apply Lightroom editing to your photos. This playlist is updated frequently, so you might want to subscribe to my YouTube channel as well.

Lightroom Course Playlist

In this brief Lightroom lesson, I will take a look at some real-world tips and techniques for boosting your images. Lightroom is much more than a Camera Raw and Bridge replacement. It’s a powerful tool that can take the place of other image-editing tools like Photoshop. By going through these Lightroom training courses, you’ll have acquired a range of sophisticated functions so that you’ll not only speed up your workflow but also make it more efficient.

Software required: Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Being Productive & Self Improvement Course

Productivity and self-improvement videos show you how to create your own personal productivity system. Discover how to increase your output and streamline your workflow. Watch the video and feel free to customize it the way you want, that works best for you.

Many videos about how I manage my time are included in the playlist. Time is money, and we need to figure out how to make the most of the limited time we have to do the things we’ve always wanted to do. In my case, I spend more time traveling, writing, YouTube, photography, and, of course, spending time with my family. What tools and apps do I use to make life simpler and be productive, and how can you do the same? If you like these videos then you can support my work by buying me a coffee. Also, you can join my friendzone by subscribing to my newsletter.

YouTube Creative Workflow

In this video, you will learn Ravindra’s YouTube creative workflow using Kanban board, to keep productive using Trello. And how he manages Adhoc requests for new videos and how a change of plans is handled in an agile way of working. This is a common question which I used to wonder and I see many new YouTube beginners asking the same question – How to stay consistent on YouTube. Honestly, it is hard but with these simple-to-use tools like Trello or Notion, you will never run out of ideas.

How you can implement the agile methodology for your YouTube channel or any work that you do to keep yourself incredibly productive. Trello board (Trello Kanban) is the best Notion alternative if you want to use it for YouTube planning or any Sprint planning. This is one of the best productivity apps for a creative workflow and to keep productive. Also, one of the best agile project management tools after Jira.

Update: I recently migrated to Notion with the kind of templates that are available in it. This is a must-have app if you want to be productive in whatever you do. Also, you may use the app, which I use to add all the new ideas that I get at random places.

Just open the mobile app and add this to my backlog list in the Kanban board that I use. This will be in sync with the desktop standalone app as well as the web app version, which is the best thing. If I want to make a lot of updates then I use the standalone version. And whenever I want to access my board from a different machine or public place then I use the web version. And all of this for free. Isn’t that cool. 🙂