Cycling at Turahalli Forest – A captivating weekend getaway

Turahalli forest is ideal for a quick weekend getaway. It is situated on the outskirts of Bangalore. A great place for morning walks or first-time riders. The region is within the jurisdiction of the forest department and is thus protected. Other than peacocks and a few smaller animals, there is no wildlife here.

What to expect in Turahalli forest?

turahalli forest

This location is around 16 kilometers from the Silkboard overpass and is great for getting away from the traffic and crowds without leaving Bangalore city. There are two hills, and after you reach the top, there is a temple on each of them. The view from the summit is both magnificent and soothing. This is the ideal area to begin if you want to practice advanced-level mountain riding on the Himalayan slopes or in the western ghats.

How to reach Turahalli forest?

This was my first ride on my brand new bike (Polygon Premier 3 mountain bike). It was the morning of Saturday. I had a great time riding till I got to Turahalli forest since we had to go on nice level tar roads past Banashankari. It was the weekend, so there was less traffic than usual. If you’re only passing through, you may also take a public bus from Banashankari. People gather here for morning and evening walks from surrounding apartments.

Cycling uphill at Turahalli forest

Once you reach the forest, the route is entirely dirt and ideal for mountain bikers. We dropped the gear and pedaled all the way uphill till we reached the top. We took a stop and parked our mountain bikes in front of the temple, close to a banyan tree, to enjoy the scenery. We walked around and looked around. We shot some pictures while sitting near the pond.

Visiting the nearby hill and the temple

We paused here for a while before heading downhill to the entrance, where we took the path to the right, which brought us to the second hill. We ate some snacks in front of the second temple, under a banyan tree. The view from this point is once again breathtaking. It’s a great place to meditate because it’s peaceful and not too crowded, in my view.

We toured the area and were on our way downward by midday. It’s a great destination for a quick weekend getaway or a team adventure. Check out the video below to see me cycling around Turahalli Forest. Because I was testing with my new Yi action camera, the movie is a little wobbly.

What MTB should I buy or rent?

If you’re wondering what MTB I’m riding, look no further. Polygon is the brand name, and it is not commonly accessible in India. The brand is fantastic, and the build quality is fantastic. You might also check out the MTBs from Decathlon or Firefox Cycles. Nowadays, there are many more brands to choose from. By the way, I utilized Firefox MTB throughout my National mountain riding adventure to Leh, which lasted over a week and began and ended at the line of control at Lamayuru.

Is Turahalli forest safe for cycling?

Because the Turahalli forest area is on the outskirts of Bangalore and people from all over the nation visit, I would recommend coming with a group of friends rather than going alone. At times, the trekking journey may feel lonely. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Ravindra Joisa at campsite Mountain Biking

Cycling Expeditions

If you want to embark on bike trips, the Turahalli forest riding workout is a great place to start. Cycling trips conducted by the Youth Hostel Association of India, which Indian people can join, can be found in India. These bike trips are generally a week long. The one I chose is the Leh Mountain Biking Expedition, which begins and ends in Lamayuru, crossing the Foto La (pass), and was one of the nicest experiences I’ve ever had.

Mountain Biking Expedition you should try next

The journey from Manali to Leh is 15 days long and can be exhausting. The landscape is rough, and you had to cross Rothang pass back then; also, the road was under construction and was mostly dirt. The road conditions have improved, and there is now the Atal tunnel. This needed substantial training because mountain biking lasts two weeks and requires high stamina as well as the proper cycling clothing, primarily shorts with a built-in saddle or cycling shorts.

Update: Forest officials will not allow any cycling activities inside the Turahalli reserve forest, which is spread over 500 acres on the city outskirts. Check the officials for the latest updates.

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