Balu Ka Ghera | Scenic campsite before an intriguing pass crossing

Trek to Balu ka Ghera campsite is moderate and is another beautiful campsite. It is a short meadow walk followed by a boulder section for a couple of hours, leading to a trail on loose rocks all the way to the campsite. By the way, Jwara is one of the most beautiful campsites in the Himalayas.

Jwara campsite
Jwara Campsite – Hampta Pass Trek. Photo: Ravindra Joisa

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Hiking next to Rani Nalla

Firstly, a very gradual incline through the day right next to the stream. Secondly, During the monsoon, because of the rain, you get to see a lot of unnamed waterfalls. Just for fun, you are free to keep your own name to one of these waterfalls. On this day you will gain approx 1,500 feet and will hike right next to the Rani river. The melting of snow forms the stream and hence the river Rani, which flows down all the way to the Hampta Valley. In front are snow-clad mountains beyond which lies the Hampta Pass.

Rani River on the way to Balu Ka Ghera campsite
Rani River on the way to the campsite

A visit to Dabha

Visit the Dabha if it is open and have warm tea. Surprisingly, it is not overpriced considering the location of dabha. The Dabha owner can play mouth-organ. Request him as he is happy to play it for you and do not forget to appreciate it. On request, he kept us entertained with some melodious music, while we had snacks, hot spicy maggie, and much-needed warm masala tea on a rainy day. Make sure to go around the dabha and try to pick any leftover plastic items and keep the Himalayan slopes clean. We follow this in all the slopes.

Ravindra Joisa in front of Dabha – Hampta Pass trek

Valley before reaching the campsite

Walk along the Rani river heading into the valley. On your way to the campsite, you will find a variety of tiny flowers – purple, yellow, pink, etc. There are high chances of you finding some wild strawberries on the way. It takes about half an hour to cross the valley. After you come out of Jwara, you need to walk further along. The terrain flattens as you reach Chota Balu Ka Ghera where you can rest for a bit and have a packed lunch.

Continue further along the river, crossing small snow flows and jumping across rocks. Towards the end, the rocks are quite far apart, and jumping across the gets tricky. Soon after, you will reach your destination for the day. By the way, to the right of the trail just before the campsite is a huge cave. Explore this place if time permits.

Cave near Balu Ka Ghera Campsite. Photo: Ravindra Joisa
Cave near the Campsite. Photo: Ravindra Joisa

About Campsite

Balu Ka Ghera or the bed of sand is the last campsite before Hampta Pass. In addition, the ground is formed mainly by the sand and dust brought down by the mountain slopes and the streams around the campsite. The water is ice cold and if you can manage to walk in the sand bed then there is a stone at the center of the sand bed where you can sit for a while and enjoy the entire trail that you just covered.

It is level ground and behind you are the mountains you will traverse the next day to cross the famous Hampta Pass. Pitch your tent and enjoy a beautiful sunset behind the Bandarpunch peak. Moreover, you are now close to 12,500 ft (Balu ka Ghera altitude) above sea level.

Balu Ka Ghera or the bed of sand - Hampta Pass trek
Balu Ka Ghera or the bed of sand – Hampta Pass trek. Photo: Ravindra Joisa

In conclusion, this is a wonderful campsite to explore. Spend less time inside the tent and use it only to sleep. Spend all your time outdoor. Check out Trek to this campsite from Jwara, day 3 of Hampta Pass trek on my YouTube channel, and consider SUBSCRIBING.

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