Top Essential Travel Camera Gear in 2022 ?

I’ve spent a lot of time in the Himalayas, including my most recent job assignment – workation ?, traveling ✈️, and mountaineering ⛰️. And I have always been experimenting with different camera gear in search of the essential travel camera gear. One thing to keep in mind when traveling is to pack as little as possible with all of the essential things. The high-end, cumbersome camera should only be utilized for highly professional assignments; otherwise, travel camera gear should be kept light.

Essential Travel Camera Gear

My essential travel camera gear mostly consists of tiny, portable, convenient, easy-to-carry gear with less interchangeable lenses, flexible tripod, etc., as well as various batteries, power banks, and filters for photography mainly used in stock websites and videos for my YouTube channel. The essential travel camera gear mentioned below is ideal for your personal use, or for creating content online like YouTube or for a blog post of this kind.

Here goes the list of Essential Travel Camera Gear

⚙️ DJI Pocket – 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with 4K Camera: An ideal 4k camera that fits in your pocket without the trouble of lugging along a hefty camera or gimbal. The gear has a high-quality microphone. I’ve been using this for a lot of my previous Vlogs. However, don’t forget to use the wide-angle lens so your face doesn’t seem too close or sliced. This is one camera that will easily fit into even your jeans pocket.

⚙️ DJI Mini Fly More Combo: This is a nano drone that is just below 250g made specifically keeping in mind the government regulations in flying drones. Travel safe and free with no worry of any license or approval of any kind needed for this nano drone. Something that will easily fit in your bag.

A great entry-level drone with more features and better performance. That includes a much stronger signal for stress-free flying. Note that if you are completely new to drones, this is an excellent drone to fly since if you do not know how to control it properly, you may experience troubles such as drone flyaway, ?well, that was my experience and I almost lost it.

⚙️ DJI OM Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer: If you’re into mobile filmmaking and are happy with your camera phone but want to add video stabilization, this is the device for you. It is somewhat more expensive than other gimbals. Its connection with the DJI Mimo app gives it a level of capability that no other gimbal has. If you make YouTube Shorts, Reels, or TikTok videos, this is the tool for you.

⚙️ DJI Action Dual Screen Combo: In your travel luggage, the ultra-compact DJI Action takes up next to no space. The revolutionary magnetic design of the Action lets you easily swap out attachments while capturing life on the go. Record ultra-smooth 4K/120fps footage with more clarity than ever before. The DJI Action camera is built to last and is waterproof straight out of the box. So, you can document your aquatic activities. ??‍♂️

Other essential travel camera gear

In addition to the essential travel camera gear that I have mentioned above, there are a few important gadgets to consider that are super essential. You’ll also need power banks to charge the batteries, micro SDXC cards, quick chargers, extremely portable SSD storage, and a Micro SDXC Card reader OTG.  In addition, the camera bag is the most crucial item to bring. A good camera bag is a must, as these camera gears are compact. ?

So, these are some of the essential travel camera gear that you definitely need to have. All these gadgets are based on my own experience. After using them extensively for multiple weeklong travel and trekking expeditions in the extreme cold Himalayan weather ?. Hope you find this useful. Also, check out more on the gadgets that I use on my YouTube channel and support my work by subscribing ▶️. You may signup for my fortnightly newsletter by joining my Friend Zone. ? Note that I keep updating my essential travel camera gear whenever there is a new gadget available and if I find it super useful. The latest will be updated in the kit link.

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