Tarsar Trek – Day 4 – Shekwas to Tarsar

Tarsar Lake - Ravindra Joisa PhotographyDay four of Tarsar trek is a gradual climb up the trail from Shekwas to all the way till Tarsar crossing grassland, valley, streams and boulders. The amazing landscape around as you climb up is just awesome. It’s about five kilometers of hike and you gain about 500 meters in height. Finally, you reach the heaven on earth, the Tarsar lake.

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Shekwas campsite early in the morning may be very beautiful if you can wake up early in the morning. The fog covered mountain peaks, sun rays appearing like some godly rays. We had our breakfast and were ready for the trek with our backpacks. You can spend more time at Shekwas campsite in the morning and leave the camp a bit late as the trek on day four is for hardly five kilometers and will not take much time. The valley to the left takes you to the Tarsar lake. But, the trail is a gradual climb initially followed by crossing over the huge boulders and then the ice cold stream and then the ridges. Don’t forget to turn around and capture few photos as you can see the amazing landscape around and the valley that goes far below. There are few local shepherds huts on the way. The Shekwas campsite looks like a small dot from this place. Continue to trek further till you see the lake. Cross the stream again and you will be at your campsite.

Milky way captured at Tarsar Lake campsite in the Himalayas, J&K, India. In the foreground is our dining tent, in the…

Posted by Ravindra Joisa Photography on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The water at Tarsar lake is crystal clear. You may camp right next to the lake. Go in and around the campsite and have a wonderful evening, walk around this beautiful lake. Expect cold breeze at night and you get to hear the waves hitting those boulders. We had a wonderful experience at this campsite. Awesome place for some night time photography, Astro or galaxy shots. There is hardly any kind of light pollution in this area and an ideal place for those Milkyway shots. Check out the video below and subscribe to my channel.

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