Pathar Nachauni to Ghairoli Patal – Breathtaking hiking trail | Roopkund Trek – Day 7

Day 7 of your trek is more of a gradual climb from Pathar Nachauni for about 1 to 2 hours followed by descending all the way to Bedni Bugyal. This is the same trail that we had taken to go from Roopkund to Bedni Bugyal. After having lunch we continued our trek through the dense forest to Ghairoli Patal where we camped at night. This forest area is beautiful and you can explore the place in the evening, some even go on bird watching.

Roopkund Pathar Nachauni to Ghairoli Patal

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Pathar Nachauni camp

It was really cold at Pathar Nachauni and was raining at our campsite the previous night, but we managed to get some good sleep as day 6 was the summit day. Day 7 was a bright sunny day and we packed our backpacks to start trekking back to Ghairoli Patal. This is more like a goodbye to Roopkund trek as we had to take the same trail back to Bedni Bugyal.

As we continued to trek, many trekkers spent more time capturing photos. This day doesn’t take too much of your time. You can even go to the last point till Wan if you want to but we took our own time and stayed overnight at Ghairoli Patal forest. The start of your trek on day 7 is a gradual climb till you reach the point as shown in the above image. The mountain that you see far behind is Mt. Trishul.

View from the highest point in today’s trail

It’s a place to get some amazing panoramic shots as you will be able to see both sides of the slopes and you will be crossing from one side of the mountain to another. To the left is the Pathar Nachauni campsite and to the right is the Bedni Bugyal meadows. The landscape and the cloud movement is so beautiful that their shadow forms different kind of unique patterns on the mountain slopes.

Bedni Bugyal camp

Lovely campsite of Bedni Bugyal

We continued our trek downwards till we reached Bedni Bugyal. People opted to go to Maggie point, a small shop where we get some hot noodles, bun, bread, and chocolates for double the actual price, and this is where we had our lunch. Spent some time around in the meadows after which we continued further from the meadows to the forest area. There is some 15 minutes walk that you need to do before you take a right to the forest. You can easily make where exactly to enter the forest as there is a Buddhist prayer flag. This place is the last place where you can get some wide-angle shots of mountains without too many trees around.

Ghairoli Patal camp

As you enter the forest you will find oak and rhododendron trees with some beautiful flowers in this area. There is a proper man-made trail here all the way to Ghairoli Patal. Continue downwards, till you reach the green permanent metal tents used for storage. This is where we camped. There is another shop where we get cold drinks, again for double the price. We had reached much earlier in the afternoon.

Ghairoli Patal to Wan trek

After having something to eat we had enough time to explore the forest area. The trees in the region are massive. We enjoyed the evening by spending time singing, playing, and dancing around the campfire. You can try some great nighttime shots like galaxy shots, and star trails; as the huge trees can act as foreground and night sky in the background.

Day 7 was great fun and we crossed dry land, then the meadows followed by a forest area. Beautiful landscape, amazing place. Follow me on social media to know more about Day  8 trek and other trekking, photography, and travel posts. On day 8, we continued our hike from Ghairoli Patal to Wan, which is a complete forest trail.

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