How to vlog while Hiking? – 7 valuable Tips

Vlog while hiking may be difficult, and it isn’t as easy as it appears, given exhaustion after trekking, cold and terrible weather, and so on. It is not as simple as pulling out your camera and hitting the record button. Despite the fact that this is the greatest way to begin. I’m not a vlogging specialist, but I’ve gone on seven weeklong Himalayan treks as of this writing, and these days I make it a point to vlog while hiking each day and share my experience on YouTube. So, in this blog article, I’ll provide some vlog while hiking tips that are ideal if you’re thinking about doing the same.

Vlog while hiking with an Engaging Story

Vlog while hiking

An excellent outdoor video is more than just a collection of shots and events arranged in numerical order. Instead, your experiences must be reshaped into a compelling and intelligible narrative. Include what to expect along the way, as well as whether or not the trek or excursion was enjoyable. The roadblocks you encountered and how you overcame them.

A story’s basic structure is straightforward: it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. You begin by introducing your audiences to your personalities (simply you or your buddies), the scene (the route you’re hiking, what to expect, and how long it will take), and your goals (to reach destination campsite, to fix something about yourself).

You introduce the hurdles to your aim in the midst of your video. These barriers will build conflict and tension, keeping your viewers watching until the finish. Maintain the suspense by adding additional obstacles or obstacles on top of difficulties. Your vlog while hiking video watch time will rise as a result, and your website’s bounce rate will drop.

Finally, discuss the success or failure of your journey, including whether or not you covered all of the locations, the expected vs. reality, whether or not all of them arrived safely, any difficulties with health or any of the hikers, obstacles, and resolutions, and so on.

Take the viewer along

According to Yoast’s study and SEO (search engine optimization), it is critical to give viewers a sense of immediacy. Rather than informing your viewers about it later, try to display your vlog while hiking as it happens. If you pay attention to the verb tense you employ while you narrate your video — present, past, or future — you’ll know you’re “showing” rather than “telling”. Present tense will be great as viewers will feel as though they are part of your vlog while hiking.

Sandakphu Trek – YouTube playlist.

Here’s a tip to help you stay focused in the current moment. When things go wrong, get out your camera. Film the roadblocks to your ambitions as they occur. If you do this, your film will move in real-time rather than being a series of progress reports or end-of-day summaries. This also contributes to the suspense and tension.

Just go out and shoot videos

I understand why many people are afraid to film videos in public. This is more of a beginning issue, similar to trying to start your car on a cold morning. You’ll be more like a Formula One racing car once you start vlogging and become acclimated to it. Others in public, on the other hand, are apathetic and do not even care about strangers.

Vlog while hiking at good locations

If you are still anxious after all of this, you may walk to a corner or wait for others to go away before beginning to record. To be honest, people are used to seeing other people making different kinds of films, dance and vlogging in public places is not anything you need be concerned about. Vlog when hiking is considerably easier because there aren’t many people around.

Talk about the Hiking Trail

The location is an essential component of every storytelling. You should convey a strong feeling of location through your video visuals and commentary. Identifying the trail you’re on isn’t enough. Instead, attempt to offer enough information so that a reader can pinpoint your exact position on Google Maps. As you can see in the Goa hiking blog postings, I have included Google maps. Geographical borders, important landmarks, bodies of water, mile markers, and so on should all be named and described. 

vlog while Hiking in the forest - Samanden to Molley
Sandakphu Trek, India

Also, mention the trial’s condition. As you can see in this Kashmir Great Lakes day 2 blog article, I started traversing three woods, and in the Sandakphu hiking from Samanden to Molley, these movies contain clear pictures of where you are, turns, significant sites, and so on.

Vlog while hiking even if it’s bad weather

Vlogging when trekking in severe weather might be quite difficult. Most hikers wind up burying their costly photographic equipment deep within their backpack. This is where I employ smaller waterproof cameras, like as the DJI Action, a GoPro, or a smartphone. I also use my monopod as a trekking pole, which has shown to be effective in practically all of my outdoor activities. Check out this video to know more on what’s inside my camera bag. Give importance to Mic. You do not need an expensive camera to vlog, start with your basic android phone or an iPhone. Practice, make it consistent to upload videos, and then start upgrading.

Include people for better Storytelling

Building a personal brand is important, but while vlogging, having only you all the time may make your video dull to viewers, and viewers may simply drop out. To prevent this, add other trekkers, local guides, trek leaders, their hiking stories, interaction with locals in the mountains and distant villages, local food, your stay or visit to the local hamlet or hut, and the lives of local people in the mountains, include these in your vlog while hiking.

Instead of merely presenting the normal trekking trail, this will make your storytelling more intriguing. It took some time for me, and as I learned how to produce better clips, I kept adding additional features. Feel free to experiment with new ideas and check Google or YouTube analytics to measure your success. 

vlog while hiking on cold and bad weather

Do not fake it – Be Authentic

What people want to see is a real-life person dealing with real-life problems. That’s why they’re watching your hiking videos rather than something polished on OTT applications like Man Vs Wild. It’s not only acceptable but also required of you to adopt the YouTube vlogging philosophy. You are not creating a documentary film, but rather a YouTube video.

Don’t be embarrassed to identify as a vlogger. The finest YouTube vlogs, not the best Bollywood documentaries, should be your models. Tell your tale as much as possible through photographs and short films. Fill up the blanks with your narrative. Use soft music rather than EDM or heavy metal. While editing, add music based on the mood of the video.

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