Zanskar River Rafting – Highest and the second toughest in India

The Zanskar river rafting is the most difficult high altitude, highest in the world, and the second most difficult in India. If you’re in Leh, this is a must-do adventurous excursion. The Zanskar River is famed for the famous ‘Chadar Trek’ (frozen river) that takes place during the winter when temperatures drop to minus 30 degrees Celsius. During the summer, the same river is popular for river rafting.

Zanskar River rafting

In the 24-kilometer section of the Zanskar River, there are around twelve rapids and a few whirlpools. There is a shorter, gentler one that is 8-12 kilometers long and has only 3 or 4 rapids. The lengthier one is full of excitement and adventure. Zanskar river rafting is high-altitude rafting at an altitude of more than 11,000 feet, making it the highest in the world. Ascertain that you are acclimatized to this altitude. You may do this by remaining in Leh for two days and doing nothing. After the Brahmaputra, the Zanskar river rafting is the second most difficult in India, with a grade 4 level.

Where can I go rafting in Leh?

The site is on the Leh – Kargil route, near Ladakh Union Territory. Leh is the nearest airport. The organizers’ actual site is the Sangam, where the Zanskar and Indus rivers merge to form the Indus River. Zanskar is a tributary of the Indus River that flows north.

zanskar river rafting starting point

Prepare at the campground, which is near National Highway One, with the swimsuit/cold water jacket that they give, as well as the life jackets and helmets. The organizers will transport you to the starting spot, which is roughly 24 kilometers away. The journey to this location is full of adventure, with severe hairpin corners, landslides, no asphalt road in a few spots, and no road railing – one bad move by the driver, and you’ll be all the way down in the Zanskar river. The coolest part is that you can stand on the backside of the vehicle. You can see this in the video below.

Zanskar river starting point

The Zanskar river rafting

The river rafting adventure begins with a set of instructions and a brief warm-up on how to paddle and so on. The Rapids begins almost instantly. Some of the most hazardous areas at the start and in the middle. After roughly 30 minutes from the start, there is a little pause. After the break, there are a few additional rapids, followed by a whirlpool near the bridge. After we cross the bridge, the remaining few kilometers are completely flat. The entire travel took about an hour. The water is ice cold, and you can even dive near the tent at the further end.

Is Zanskar river rafting safe?

Rafting may also be done on the Zanskar river’s rapids. Because the rivers include rapids ranging from level 1 to level 4, you may select the rapid based on the amount of difficulty you are ready to tackle. Rafting in Leh is a safe activity that can be enjoyed with an open mind and an enthusiastic heart.

Zanskar River Rafting

What is the price of river rafting?

The Zanskar river rafting price package costs between 1,000 and 1,500 rupees and includes 24-kilometer travel to the starting location in a jeep or minibus, a swimsuit to protect you from the chilly water, a safety jacket, a guide and instruction expenses, permission, boat, and lunch. The costs of the action camera are an additional 1000 rupees. I recommend bringing your own action camera with a head mount with you.

Zanskar river rafting Safety

Instructions will be given at the start, as well as a guide in the boat while rafting, another guide who will kayak alongside us for the duration of the adventure, a safety jacket, cold water suit, helmet, and a jeep that will follow us on the road that runs along to the Zanskar river. The guides are certified and trained in Rishikesh, another popular river rafting destination in India.

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