Anmod to Tambdi Surla – Truly blissful experience in the dense forests – Goa Trek – Day 7

The seventh day of our YHAI Goa trip was a hard climb. Starting from a hamlet in Anmod, Karnataka, and continuing through the lush rain forest to Tambdi Surla, Goa. A location is well-known for its ancient temple and historical significance. The seventh day of our trek was largely in the jungle, which is ideal for folks who conduct bird study. From Anmod to the Tambdi Surla campground, the journey takes around half a day and covers about 10 kilometers.

Anmod to Tambdi Sulra Goa trek

Anmod Village

On day 6 we had an adventurous hike from Kuveshi to Anmod via Castlerock. The seventh day of our walk began at the Anmod campground. We packed our belongings and hiked via Anmod village’s paddy fields (local cricket venue). Away from the city, we could get a feel of how this place is and how the people are with minimal resources.

The location is conveniently connected to the highway on the opposite side of the hamlet. This is the final water bottle filling station before reaching the next base camp. The settlement is within a few hundred meters from Anmod camp, and the water source is near a government school.

Checking of Forest Permits

Hike on past the village and paddy fields. You can even follow the towering power lines and a few fenced-in farms all the way to the freeway. Take a left and walk for approximately 200 meters down the highway until you notice a mud path to the right that leads into the forest. Ascertain that you have all of the appropriate forest permits. As of this writing, the Karnataka forest entry fee was Rs. 275 per person. At this point, forest department authorities may examine your forest admission ticket before allowing you to continue your journey through the dense forest.

Crossing the dense rain forest

As you continue your journey into the forest, you will hear several types of birds, making it a perfect location for bird lovers. It’s a level hike with a few ups and downs until you get to a man-made pit. This pit marks the end of the Karnataka forest region and the beginning of the Goa forest area.

YHAI Goa trek
YHAI goa trek

The track from here is hardly visible, covered in dried leaves, and extends all the way down. Continue hiking for around 90 minutes until you reach a level spot where we had a rest. The best thing about the Goa trek organized by the Youth Hostel Association of India is they make sure to get all the required permissions in advance and we did not have to pay anything extra.

Tambdi Surla temple

We were close to the next campground. We resumed our journey after eating our packed lunch, and after a kilometer, we could suddenly see the major tar road that connects the city to this location. As this is a tourist destination, you will notice a few stores. The road to the left leads to a dead end with a bridge and an entry to an old Hindu temple, Tambdi Surla, which was established in the 12th century.

Ravindra at Tambdi Surla

The temple is being adored today and is managed by the ASI – Archeological Survey of India. Right beyond those businesses is a public restroom that was clean (honestly, I didn’t expect it to be nice) and even had a bathroom, which is useful for hikers. Behind the stores, there is a stream that can be easily crossed.

Camping at Tambdi Surla

Continue hiking for around five minutes till you reach your Tambdi Surla campground. The alternative route to go to this temple is from behind Tambdi Surla. The campground resembled a resort, complete with accommodations, a dining hall serving a variety of drinks, and a massage center. After finishing the seven-day walk, a handful of our trekkers received a much-needed massage, which was a pleasant way to unwind.

It was enjoyable to take a bath in the cool water of a local stream and to visit the Tambdi Surla temple, where we sat in the dining hall (which had no walls) close to our tent. The next day, we proceeded in the deep forest and had a fantastic time in the stream crossing near to the ancient monument before continuing and later returning to Panjim.

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