Wonderful experience hiking the Dudhsagar trail full of streams – Goa Trek – Day 4

The fourth day of our Goa hike is the Dudgsagar trail from Cansaulim to Dudhsagar camp was a lot of fun. After spending the entire day on day 3 in Benaulim, Cansaulim beach, and so on, day 4 was very different because the entire Dudhsagar trail was in the forest. The first 45 kilometers were via railway, followed by a muddy jeep route and seven stream crossings in the forest. On this day, we don’t get to view the Dudhsagar waterfall, but we do arrive at the campground, which is quite near to the Dudhsagar waterfalls.

Cansaulim beach to Dudhsagar campsite. Streams on Dudgsagar trail

The entire 10-kilometer route runs beside a railway track, and even if you can’t see the track, you can clearly hear the freight train honking and making loud noises from its engines. On the fourth day, you will pass the most streams. The water in the streams comes from the Dudhsagar falls, and our hiking zigzag trail runs parallel to the stream, railway track, and jeep road.

Hike from Colem railway station

We arrived at Colem railway station and proceeded to cross the track to the opposite side. Most visitors drive a jeep from here all the way to the Dudhsagar waterfalls. This is the final shopping area as well as the last residential section. We took the jeep track and went through the dirt. The first stream crossing was only a ten-minute walk away from the taxi stand. There are far too many jeeps carrying visitors over this brook. We continued on the muddy jeep path after crossing the stream until we reached the main entrance.

Dudhsagar trail – Multiple Stream crossing

Purchase a forest entry ticket. You are entering the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. Our path weaved in and out of the jeep route, alongside a railroad track, and through various streams. As you will be crossing seven streams in the Dudgsagar trail, it is best not to wear hiking shoes and to wear something that can be readily removed. Along the route, you’ll witness a few viewpoints along the stream, as well as man-made check dams and wooden bridges.

Dudhsagar waterfall campsite

Continue on the Dudgsagar trail till you reach the campground in Dudhsagar. We saw a Hornbill bird and a large brown squirrel with a whitetail in the campground. This campground has an antique home as well as beetle nut farming. The brook where you may take a bath is right next to the campground (remember not to use soap when you hike with YHAI or even otherwise).

Dudhsagar trail

It may be chilly here at Dudhsagar campground at night, and you can hear the train making too much noise and using its Doppler effect when it enters the tunnel and travels far away. The train does a U-turn around the campground and begins to ascend. The train may be seen moving far above and entering and exiting the tunnel. It used to be completely silent for a time, then there would be a boom of sound from the engines when the train exited the tunnel.

We heard a peculiar noise late at night that was thought to be deer. We were fortunate to have an LED light in our tent since someone in our hiking party brought a 5-kilogram battery all the way. It was entertaining. To get a sense of the hiking path, watch the video below. The hiking trail shown here is also known by the name Dudhsagar hiking trail or Dudhsagar trekking route, as people come here just to hike the Dudhsagar.

Climbing the Dudhsagar waterfall

The Dudhsagar waterfall path will be covered on Day 5 of the Goa trip. The walk begins with a visit to the foot of the waterfall, which is a popular tourist destination. We hiked up to the railway track and entered the middle section of the waterfall, then continued the hiking route along the railway track, traversed a few caves, and climbed up to the waterfall’s mouth. For more details check – Day 5 – Dudhsagar camp to Kuveshi.

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