Breathtaking hike from high altitude meadow Bedni Bugyal to Pathar Nachauni – Roopkund Trek – Day 4

The Roopkund trek from Bedni Bugyal to Pathar Nachauni is on day four. The day begins with a lovely walk across the meadows, followed by a difficult ascent for almost an hour from the Bedni Campsite to the route. The slow twenty-degree ascent continues after that until you reach a position where you can see the opposite side of the hill. It’s a gentle twenty-degree descent from here until you reach the Pathar Nachauni campsite. Overall, if you stop for the day at Pathar Nachauni, it’s a simple day.

Bedni Bugyal to Pathar Nachauni - Roopkund Trek

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A lovely campsite

Sunset during Golden Hours

Early mornings provide stunning views of the snow-covered golden peaks that surround the campground. This will persist for a few minutes right before and shortly after sunrise, referred to as the ‘golden hours’ in photographic jargon. Enjoy an early morning walk around the campground.

You have less hiking to do on this day, but I would recommend leaving the campground on time and arriving at Pathar Nachauni early so that you have some time to relax before climbing the difficult Kallu Vinayak trail the next day or the same day, depending on you or your guide.

Crossing the historic Bedni Kund

Once you are done with your breakfast at Bedni Bugyal, get ready with your backpack for a vertical climb for about an hour till you reach the man-made trail that goes all the way to Roopkund. As you start your climb near the Bedni Bugyal campsite there is a pond with a huge man-made compound wall made of stones and a temple in the middle of the pond – Bedni Kund.

A few ruins of the temple can also be seen outdoors. Before climbing, locals pray here for a nice day, good weather, and a safe return from Roopkund. After that, proceed around the Bedni Kund. If there is water in the pond, don’t forget to photograph the mountains and snow-covered peaks reflected in it. After that, begin the difficult ascent, which will take around 45 minutes. This may leave you gasping for air until you reach the Roopkund route. Take a 5-minute rest once you’ve reached the path. Until you reach the next campground, there will be no water available.

Historic temple remains at Bedni kund
Historic temple remains at Bedni kund

The gradual hike uphill to Pathar Nachauni

Once you’ve arrived to the route, simply follow it for a kilometre or two, which is a gentle twenty-degree ascent with bends and snow patches. Continue on the route until you reach the summit or the opposite side of the mountain, where you can see the trail that descends. It’s time for some photography after a brief rest.

Mules carrying ration at Pathar Nachauni

Don’t forget to take a glance back at Bedni Bugyal campground, which stands out like an ant in the vast green fields. Furthermore, the terrain is so broad that you can watch the cloud shadows and how they move. If you’re lucky, you could even see vultures in this location. When it’s flying, it’s difficult to tell if it’s a vulture or an eagle. You can get a 360-degree panoramic view of mountains from this point.

Hiking trail from Bedni Bugyal to Pathar Nachauni

After a brief rest, continue trekking down the route; for a while, it’s a level walk before a gentle slope. There is a well-maintained man-made track along which you may stroll without trouble. After another hour, you’ll arrive to Pathar Nachauni campground. There are enormous green bunkers where you can find flat area to camp or a little of flat land with a water supply about 100 metres below where you may camp for the day.

Hike to Kallu Vinayak

If you arrive early, you may choose to continue hiking to Bhagwabhasa, which is another 5 hours of trekking and involves a tough 3 to 4 hour climb via Kallu Vinayak, as we did. I would advise you to return to Pathar Nachauni campground for a rest or to acclimate to the altitude.

We made it to Bhagwabhasa on the same day, but we were exhausted. Some even had a minor fever the next morning and were unable to complete the trek to Roopkund. As a result, it is preferable to return to Pathar Nachauni campground. Meanwhile, on the one hand, you may explore and appreciate the scenery from this location.

Pathar Nachauni campsite

Pathar Nachauni campground is a little out in the middle of nowhere, with just peaks on three sides and a vast valley on the other. The weather here may change dramatically in a matter of minutes, and it will be exceedingly chilly at night. A lovely waterfall caused by the melting of snow is located either across from the campground or right below the Kallu Vinayak. I’m not sure how tall it was, but it was rather tall, and few people noticed.

When you cross Kallu Vinayak, the location is really silent and lonely at times, and you wonder what’s on the other side of the mountain. A few people/trekkers may be seen approaching Kallu Vinayak, but then they vanish, leaving a mystery. Sometimes you just wonder where they went.

The next day we hiked from Pathar Nachauni to Bhagwabhasa via Kalu Vinayak temple. If you find this blog post interesting then you can buy me a coffee to support my work. Also, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel for more and you may join my friendzone.

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