Bedni Bugyal trek via the Magnificent Didina village and Ali Bugyal | Roopkund Trek – Day 3

The Bedni Bugyal trek takes up the first three days of the Roopkund trek, which is currently prohibited due to camping restrictions in the bugyal or meadows. The Bedni Bugyal is among the greatest because they take you to Asia’s largest high-altitude meadow, which offers breathtaking panoramas of the Himalayas, stunning scenery, and wonderful campsites.

Bedni Bugyal trek
View of the hilltop meadows from Ali Bugyal

Morning at Didina Village

The third day of the Roopkund trek begins in the Didina village ? guesthouse. We were fortunate enough to be able to stay at a homestay in Didina for the night. Didina is a tiny community with no power and residents who rely on solar lighting. For farming, agriculture, and daily usage, little streams in and around Didina hamlet suffice. This is the last hamlet before you run out of options for human habitation. The walk continues through the hamlet to the opposite end, where you must cross a bridge. There is a creek below and vivid yellow blooms all around. Take a 5-minute pause to take some pictures of the stream.

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How to reach Bedni Bugyal

There are two ways to reach Bedni Bugyal. One is as mentioned in the above articles, Lohajung to Bedni Bugyal via Didina village and the other is from Lohajung to Wan by jeep and then trek to Bedni Bugyal via Ghaeroli Patal.

Bedni Bugyal trek – Hiking uphill through the dense forest

The next stop is at Ali Bugyal meadows, where you may locate a V-shaped section of Ali Bugyal meadows from Didina village. After crossing the creek over the bridge, the hard ascent through the Oak and Rhododendron forest ?continues for another 3 hours. The weather in the area might change quickly, so it’s always a good idea to have a rain cover on hand. Remember to turn off all electrical devices in this region since lightning and thunder are prevalent. The forest is dense, and there’s a good risk you’ll miss the route because it’s completely covered in dried brown leaves.

Largest high altitude meadows

After crossing the woodland, continue walking across meadows to gain height for another 15 minutes until you reach the top. The Ali Bugyal, one of Asia’s largest high-altitude meadows, is located here. We ate our packed lunch and had a 30-minute rest. From Didina village, it took us around 4 hours to get here. Take in the beauty of the surroundings. The snow-capped Himalayan range is on one side, while vast mountain slopes are on the other three. This is the ideal spot for some selfies and photos. There will be no cell connection at Ali Bugyal, so don’t waste your phone’s battery attempting to post those selfie photos.

View from Ali Bugyal

Continue walking through the meadows. This is a spot where you may remove your shoes. Walking on a green carpet with a little yellow, blue, and purple flowers won’t cause any discomfort to your legs. As you continue walking, you will come across several wild horses roaming freely and grazing in these high-altitude meadows. This location is quite serene and tranquil, with a lovely panoramic scenery view all around it.

Bedni Bugyal campsite

A government-built green bunker ⛺may be found to the right. You have the option of camping there or continuing on to Bedni Bugyal. A correct trail leads up in a zig-zag pattern from the green bunker, followed by a level track. Continue walking till you get to Bedni Bugyal.

Bedni Bugyal is one of the greatest campsites; to get there, you’ll have to descend for around ten minutes. On one side, Mount Trishul ?️can be seen, and the route that leads to Roopkund appears more like the terrain from Ladakh, with a dry brown mountain range on one side and a green carpet on the other.

With a nice cup of tea or a bowl of soup, watch the sunset here in the evening. This campground offers adequate space for a game of cricket. There is also a tiny shop where you can obtain cold beverages, maggie, egg, tea, ? and bread for double the price. This was my favorite location, and I explored it by walking around the campsite with my camera.

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