Koosalli Falls – A beautiful 6 steps cascading hidden waterfall

A not-so-known waterfall – Koosalli Falls, is a beautiful place to visit on a weekend if you are from Bangalore. An overnight journey in Dakshina Kannada, now the Udupi district. The waterfall is in the middle of rain forest in western ghats. Koosalli falls is in Sharavathi valley and is deep in the jungle.

Koosalli Falls

Koosalli Falls, located in Sharavathi Valley, is approximately 300 kilometers from Bangalore and is an overnight excursion. Even though the falls are visible from afar, getting to the base or anyplace near the waterfalls requires a journey through the jungle. The first few minutes will be spent in a rubber plantation (private property), followed by entry into a forest managed by the Karnataka forest department.

Koosalli Falls

There is a route that leads all the way to the falls, however, it may be closed due to dense vegetation. The route can be adventurous at times because it is not well known to outsiders and not many people visit this location. Given the very dark woodland region, I would recommend visiting in a group rather than going alone.

It is worth noting that the Koosalli falls are located in the heart of the Western Ghats rain forest. The area is also widely known for King Cobra and Russel’s Viper, two of the most dangerous and toxic snakes one may encounter. Keep an eye out for areas in and around the rocks near the waterfall and walkway. There are no hospitals nearby, and trekking back will take at least an hour.

Koosalli Falls Trek

This is one of the famous waterfalls near Kundapura. From the road’s end to the start of the journey, one can take an auto. It takes around 45 minutes to one hour of walking from the beginning point through the dense forest to reach the summit and enjoy the view of this beautiful waterfall. The journey is more of a flat walk in the densely growing creepers and climbers, small muddy trails, and super slippery rocks near the waterfall. It is strongly advised to wear footwear with a solid grip. Because the forest is so dense, darkness sets in well before sundown. So plan to finish the hike before dark.

Where is Koosalli Waterfalls located?

Koosali Falls is a natural and untouched place near Shirooru, which is 76 kilometers from Udupi on NH 17 heading towards Karwar. Udupi is roughly 36 kilometers away from Kundapura. Koosalli Falls is a stunning waterfall located in deep woodland near the Koosalli hamlet, 45 kilometers from Murudeshwar, 95 kilometers from Udupi, and 20 kilometers from Shiroor (on the Udupi-Karwar route). The Koosalli waterfall lies 20 kilometers from Shiroor through Toodalli (also known as Soodalli) and 5 kilometers from the settlement of Koosalli.

The stream ahead

Koosalli Falls

A few kilometers from Koosalli Falls is a stream that goes farther, where you may spend the full day enjoying water activities. Because the water is not too deep, even individuals who have never swum before can enjoy it. However, you must use caution due to the slick stones. We liked it for a few hours because it wasn’t raining, but the water level quickly rose once it started to rain. In less than 30 minutes, the water level had risen to double its original height, with a strong current. We couldn’t tell if the water level had risen or fallen. So, if it’s pouring, be cautious.

Koosalli Waterfall YouTube video

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