Kudremukh Trek – Truly a trekkers paradise

Kudremukh trek is a must-see if you’re in Bangalore, and it’s well-known among trekkers for its stunning scenery. This is a round journey that includes more than 10 streams to cross as well as wide meadows. Kudremukh means “horse’s face” in Kannada. The unusual form of the summit inspired its name. Historically, this was known as Samseparvath because it was accessible from Samse village. Kudremukh is located in the Chikkamagaluru district, in the heart of the Western Ghats. It is part of the Kudremukh National Park, which is the western ghats’ second-largest wildlife protected area.

Kudremukh trek
Kudremukh National Park, Karnataka, India

What is the best time to visit Kudremukh?

The best time to visit this wonderful location is during the monsoon and winter. You may come at any time of year, although it is most beautiful during the monsoon season. If you’re lucky, you could glimpse “Neelakurinji” purplish-blue flowers during the monsoon, which bloom just once every 12 years. We were quite fortunate to witness this since the entire mountain range was blanketed with either green or purple-blue flowers.

The trail is clean and is plastic-free. The peak is at an altitude of 1894 meters above sea level. The meadows are so beautiful that it reminds me of my Himalayan trek to Roopkund, on day two we had to cross Asia’s largest high altitude meadows – the famous Bedni Bugyal which has some amazing campsites.

How long does it take to trek Kudremukh?

Streams along the Kuduremukh hiking trail

The Kudremukh trek is an easy to moderate hike that takes around 11.5 kilometers one way from Mullodi to the peak. Because you are not permitted to camp or remain overnight, you must return all the way to Mullodi. So, a total of around 23 kilometers must be accomplished in one day, which is achievable. Can novices attempt the Kudremukh Trek? – Yes, of course. This hike is suitable for first-time hikers and nature enthusiasts.

Kudremukh trekking package

It’s not that difficult to complete the Kudremukh trek. I would strongly advise you to undertake this on your own because it is more of a DIY trek and a one-day journey. Kalasa/Kudremukh is the nearest town, and there are direct buses from Mangalore, Bangalore, and Udupi. The distance from Bangalore is 340 kilometers. As a result, board an overnight bus to Kalasa or Kudremukh. From Kalasa Bus, you may trek on your own or contact the base camp owner (homestay) – Raje Gowda (Ph: 9481179008), who can organize pickup and drop-off at the base camp/homestay as well as an overnight stay if you wish to stay for a long time and depart the next day.

Meadows at Kuduremukh trek

Kudremukh Trek Route

Kudremukh trek begins at the base camp/Mullodi guesthouse, where the forest department headquarters is located. Purchase admission tickets to the forest. This is the last home before the trek begins. You will have to cross more than ten creeks. The Kudremukh trek trail features a 30-degree incline.

Kuduremukh Trek Route

Carry a raincoat during the Kudremukh trek and be prepared for severe rain and cold wind once you reach the summit. There is no need to bring an extra water bottle because there are several streams even as you reach the summit. When you reach the top, bring a packed lunch, spend some time there, and then return the same way to the base camp around 5 or 6:00 p.m. During the monsoon season, you should pack salt and soak your socks in saltwater before wearing them to keep the leech away. There are also creams that are readily available at any medical store.

The Kudremukh hike is a one-day excursion. Here’s how to plan for the Kudremukh trek and have a fun weekend. Leave Bangalore on Friday night at 10:00-10:30 p.m. via Karnataka Sarige (about 500 rupees)/Volvo bus from Kempegowda Bus Stand. Arrive at the Kalasa Bus Stop around 5:00 a.m.

You may reserve a jeep in advance by calling Raje Gowda, as well as the Kudremukh trek. The jeep trip (Rs. 500 to 700 – one way for 5 people) takes about an hour to reach the base camp/Mullodi guesthouse. There are two large rooms, each with its own bathroom. After breakfast, freshen up at base camp and be ready to start hiking by 8:00 a.m.

How to plan for Kudremukh trek

When you return from your journey from the Kudremukh trek, have a hot water bath at the base camp, followed by warm food and tea, and prepare for the campfire. You may either spend the night at the homestay and depart the next day for Bangalore, or you can leave the same day. From 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., buses leave from the Kalasa Bus Stand. You will arrive in Bangalore around 4:00 a.m. Raje Gowda would charge Rs 650 for breakfast, packed lunch, evening snacks, supper, overnight lodging, hot water, and breakfast the next day (as of 2014).

Kuduremukh hiking trail

Don’t forget to obtain forest department clearance by paying Rs. 275; else, as the locals would warn you, you may end up in trouble. Because this is a national park, the forest authority is tough about poaching. You must submit your information and pay the fee at the homestay. The aforementioned fee is current as of this writing and is subject to change. Mobile signal quality may be an issue at base camp, but as you climb higher, you should expect full signal strength.

Kudremukh National Park – Kurinjal

In brief, the Kudremukh trek may be completed in one day. The next day, in addition to the Kudremukh trek, you could wish to explore another famous hiking track, Kurinjal Peak, which is a bit shorter but is a perfect weekend trip from here.

Kurinjal is a lesser-known peak in the Kuduremukh National Park, that acts as the perfect destination for people seeking a respite from the fast-paced and stressful city life. The trekking trail abounds in a mesmerizing natural beauty that is further enhanced by the calm and peaceful ambiance of the region.

Undertaking the trek takes the participants to another world, where the noise and pollution of the concrete jungles are replaced by picturesque surroundings, a breathtaking landscape, and an enchanting environment. As raw nature unravels itself at every step of the Kurinjal trek, it tickles the drowsy nerves of the participants and makes them feel truly alive besides redefining their concept of beauty and satisfaction.

Places near Kudremukh

Other places that we visited include the Somavathi waterfall, Kalasa temple, Hornadu temple, Tea Estate, and a hanging bridge. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog spot and watching my videos. Consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and you may buy me a coffee to support my work. Also, join my FriendZone by signing up for a free newsletter.

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